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Brethren of the Great Lakes

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Brethren Library O' History

The be were ye be findin' out about pirates in history! But all o' tha' be on th' forum! No worries mates, it be free an' without obligation!


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In th' forum ye can learn about:

The Lakes

  • The Great Lakes in general

  • Lake Erie

  • Lake Huron

  • Lake Michigan

  • Lake Ontario

  • Lake Superior

  • EPA Great Lakes Info

  • Sea Distance Calculator

  • Port Route Calculator


The Pirates!

  • Books about Pirates

  • Ships Crew positions

  • Timeline of Famous Pirates

  • Pirate or Privateer?

  • Pirate Doubloons

  • Pirate Facts

  • Pirate Flags

  • Pirate Slang


The Ships

  • Pirate Ships

  • Ships Crew positions


The Legends

  • Davy Jones' Locker

  • The Flying Dutchman



  • Pirate Movies!

  • Fonts we use

  • New France


An' so much more!



Wind Dancer Charters - Official Vessel Pirate Fest 2009!




Vixens Fashions

Makers of Fyne Pyrate Wears!



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Miscellaneous and Legal

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