Black Powder Charges

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Count dBooty:
Quote from: MickeySouris on April 05, 2010, 09:40:40 AM

When I first started shooting with black powder, I made the mistake of using Pyrodex as well... While it can work there are a few issues with it. First off, ignition. Pyrodex and other "smokeless" powders does not ignite as well as true "black powders". Yeah, you will likely get it to ignite more often than not, but you will run into problems with it. Another thing is, the pressure from smokeless power is higher than that which true black powder produces, so with prolonged use you will stand a higher chance of rupturing your barrel or having some other sort of unpleasant blow-out. While not hugely important, Pyrodex and other smokeless powders do not make as big of a bang as true black powder.... Which can lead to one wanting to add more powder to get a bigger bang, which leads you closer to that potential rupturing issue.

Interesting, this is the exact opposite of what the guys at the gun store told me. Then again, I'm sure they had some incentive to make a sale and were used to modern muzzleloaders. Not sure it's worth it to me to drive for hours to get powder, I just don't do enough powder friendly events, but will talk to some local re-enactors and see where they get theirs.

Lord Captain Robert "Edward Teach" Barbanegra:
Everyone interested. I just called Bob's in Hasting and he carries Go-Ex from 1(fg) - 3 (fffg) has not been able to get 4(ffffg) for quite awhile (has to order a min. case of 25). He's out of stock right now but is expecting a shipment in two to three weeks. Price around $20.00 lb. I'll contact him in two weeks to check on availability, His shop is about 80 miles from where I'm staying. So if your interested I can pick some up for you. Will get the final price when I call for availability.

Captain Black Roger:
Quote from: MickeySouris on April 05, 2010, 11:29:05 AM

Okay, did some asking around and searching, and the below is what I have been able to come up with so far...

Cleland's Outdoor Supply which is in North-Western Ohio near Toledo apparently usually carries Black Powder (not sure if they carry GoEx, Elephant, or Swiss). That should be a lot shorter of a drive for you guys and gals than Fin,Fur and Feather.

Kenockee Tradin Post is 810 324 2577
The address is 7530 Beard Road, Avoca, MI 48006 - These guys do not have a web site... And if you search for them online, you will only find an out of service toll free number... So you need to dial their local number.

Bob's Gun & Tackle Shop near Hastings Michigan is another possible source.
If I get any more leads, I will pass them on!

I can vouch for one! Bob's Gun Shop in Hastings MI is where I go, and they have all the black powder supplies you need, including the Goex powder, though they admit that they don't always have it in stock.

Lord Captain Robert "Edward Teach" Barbanegra:
BTW - My experience wid Blackpowder is that it doesn't store well (keep yer fuse trimmed an yer powder dry) moisture being the biggest enemy. Ifen any of yous want to split a pound of 3 (fffg) wid me we could arrange dat.

Lord Captain Robert "Edward Teach" Barbanegra:
Hey Mates: Jes gots back from a trip ta Outdoor World located in Troy. I got me 4 (FFFFg) and 3 (FFFG) GOEX Blackpowder for $22.99 +Tax a can (16oz)  

:th_0211: Ifin anyone be interested I'll be passing that way to go to me 1st Mates (Bello) Party May 1st I can pick some more up ifen ye want. Let me know.

Cap'n Bob


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