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Brethren of the Great Lakes

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Although this web site uses mostly standard fonts that are likely to be on your computer, there are a few that are especially cool, and are included on this web site in some places. You do not need these fonts to view this web site, but they are nice and will allow you to see the web as it was designed. Some of the pages that use them were designed around them, and will display better if these fonts are installed.

These pages are also designed on a 1024 x 768 monitor, with an 800 x 600 resolution monitor in mind. You should have your monitor set to at least 800 x 600 to view it without too much difficulty.

If you already have these fonts installed, the lines on the right should look like the lines on the left. To download a specific font, just click on the left line of the font you want. To download them all, just download the zip file that contains all of the fonts listed (you must have an unzipping utility to open the zip file). 


Font styles look like this: If this matches the left column, you have this font installed.
Arial Narrow

Black Chancery

Book Antiqua

Cloister Black BT

Comic Sans MS


Goudy Medieval

Monotype Corsiva

Tempus Sans ITC


Viner Hand ITC
To install the font, you must first download it. Click on the font from the left panel that you want, or click here to download all of them in one ZIP file (you must have an unzipping utility to open the zip file). 

After downloading (and unzipping, if necessary), Click your Windows "Start" button on the lower left of your screen, then click "Settings", then "Control Panel", then "Fonts".

Select your "File" pull down menu, then select "Install new font". You'll need to be able to specify the folder that you downloaded your fonts to. Follow the remaining instructions, and you should be all set!



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